GE Healthcare

At GE HealthCare, we see possibilities through innovation. We’re dedicated to providing integrated solutions that make hospitals more efficient, clinicians more effective, therapies more precise, and patients healthier. Together, we’re creating a world where healthcare has no limits. Learn more at www.gehealthcare.com.


Hologic are an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection and treatment. Our purpose is to enable healthier lives everywhere, every day.

Hologic’s quantitative Rapid fFN Test on the PeriLynx System is a tool available to help healthcare professionals understand the true risk of preterm labour for pregnant women exhibiting signs & symptoms, or at high-risk of preterm birth. This information can be used with other clinical insight to help manage care and determine treatment choices for patients. Visit www.ffntest.co.uk


Pregnolia AG is a Women’s Health startup based in Switzerland, developing a medical device to support the risk assessment of premature birth. The Pregnolia System is the first CE-marked medical device to accurately measure cervical stiffness – it is based on the aspiration technique and measurements can be done in a simple, safe and quick way. Pregnolia wants to help clinicians provide a more informed care by better revealing the biomechanical status of the cervix at different moments of the pregnancy, improving on the current standard for risk stratification.